On Becoming a Foster Parent – April

On Becoming a Foster Parent

April is a time of renewal, and it is a juxtaposed thing in itself, not really knowing if it is spring or winter. The best part about it is the hope of new life to come, which is why it was the perfect month for the “I used to live” poem. It has a lighter, happier tone, and contrasts my daughter’s first experiences with the ones she was having in April. My favorite part of this poem is the alliteration—twisting, turning and zooming, zipping and leaping, laughing.

Foster Parent April


I used to live in a dream

Now I live in a blue room


Dandelion seeds scatter across the wall

From the window to the crib

Twisting, turning, nestling on a pillow


I used to live in a tent

Now I live in a family


Paper airplanes fly across the lawn

From the door to the fence

Zooming, zipping, scraping blades of green


I used to live in smoke

Now I live in music


Slippers slide across the hardwood floor

From the fireplace to the sofa

Leaping, laughing, clapping to the beat


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