On Becoming a Foster Parent – September Poem

On Becoming a Foster Parent

About this poem:

September marked the beginning of becoming a foster parent to a 19 month old girl. She was beautiful, feisty, intelligent, active, and extremely loud, especially when told, “No.” The first few weeks went by without too many issues. Considering this baby had already been torn from three families before, she seemed comfortable and ready to accept us into her life.

The hardest part about this time period may have been the fact that she didn’t trust my husband. He couldn’t hold her, help her out of the car, put her to bed, change her diaper or even look at her without her screaming. Thankfully, that stage passed.

For this month, I chose blank verse because that time felt like a blank slate. I used the anaphora “I wonder” because that is the most common thought that ran through my head at the time. So much uncertainty…

foster parent september


You called me Mommy the first day we met

Hair sticking to the honey on your cheek

Complete strangers, yet you sat on my lap

Jabbering your nineteen month old speed talk

I wondered how anyone could hurt you

I wondered if I could love you enough

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