On Becoming a Foster Parent – March

On Becoming a Foster Parent

By far, the most difficult month and poem to write was March. This was our turning point – the climax where our battle was at its peak. I chose a sonnet filled with war imagery to represent this change in our relationship. From here on out, the poems take on a new emotion – still raw with uncertainty and frustration, but lined with a new-found love for my daughter. I used an apostrophe, “O child of abandonment,” to announce a new emotion towards her. My favorite lines are 10-11 because I think they could be read in several different ways. Was the hostage unable to see past her own challenge of saving the child, or was the hostage’s challenge not yet being able to call the girl “daughter”?

Foster Parent March


When I think, O child of abandonment,

How brick by brick the rampart was torn

And the hostage of the cruel battlement

Slipped her own arrows of mocking scorn

Stripped bare; no more the model of errant

Wind and hailstorms, thundering and screaming

Repeating past flaws, the outcome inherent

She gripped the sword, heavy and gleaming

To protect a small child from the slaughter

But the hostage– unable to see past

Her own challenge– could not call her “daughter”

The hostage was beaten, her wounds amassed

The one that reached down to save was the child

A hostage released, in love and beguiled

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